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Simsbury Travel Basketball Club

Expectation and Commitment Document


The following expectations are provided to ensure that parents and players have a complete understanding of the commitment required to participate in the Simsbury Travel Basketball Club (“STBC”). 


STBC basketball should be considered the primary winter season sport for your child. It is expected that STBC events be placed at a higher priority than any other sports or clubs during this season. Attendance at STBC practice and games is required. There are limited STBC roster spots and each one must be filled with a committed, dedicated player. 

Any exceptions or absences are expected to be communicated in advance to the coach. It is not acceptable to not attend, arrive late or to leave STBC events early, without prior notice. Regardless of notice, missing scheduled STBC events may result in loss off playing time, game suspensions and even team dismissal.

Players and parents must understand and agree to the time commitment expectations for practices and games. Players are expected to arrive to events in advance of the start time, as designated by their coach, in full equipment and ready to play. Players are also expected to stay after games for post-event talks. 


Players are responsible for attending two (2) practices of ninety (90) minutes each during the week plus an average of two (2) games per week. Due to the scarcity of available gym time, there are not pre-set, guaranteed practice and game times for the season. Please plan on practices being scheduled on different weeknights and times throughout the season. 

STBC cannot accommodate individual requests for specific event dates or times. Games are typically played on weekends, based upon gym availability, but games may also be scheduled on weeknights. Players are responsible for notifying coaches in advance of missed events. 

Playing Time:

As stated above, STBC requires a participation commitment from players, parents and coaches. If you engage in conflicting activities that result in missed practice or games, available playing time will be directly affected.

STBC provides players with a minimum playing time commitment of at least ten (10) minutes per game for 7th and 8th grade teams and twelve (12) minutes per game at the 5th and 6th grade level. Exceptions may be made to this commitment due to absenteeism, disciplinary reasons, safety concerns or at the discretion of STBC.


Parents must commit to being supportive and encouraging. They should refrain from coaching from the sidelines and may not criticize any player, other parents, coaches or officials. If concerns arise, please speak to your child’s coach, in private. Unresolved issues can also be addressed by the STBC board. 

Participation costs for each player are established each year based upon team formation costs, practice time, gym rentals, referee expenses, league costs, tournament fees, plus equipment and supply purchases. Individual teams may choose to participate in extra activities requiring additional fees. STBC Fees must be paid immediately upon notification of team selection.