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STBC Tryout Process

For each tryout there will be one administrator and several evaluators.  The administrator runs the tryout, putting the players through drills and organizing games.  The administrator facilitates the team formation process after the tryout is over.  The administrator's are Simsbury Travel Basketball Club board members.  The evaluators evaluate the players, filling out evaluation forms and then forming teams.  The evaluators are Simsbury community members, chosen by the board, with significant youth basketball experience.  All administrators and evaluators are volunteers.

The tryouts are closed to spectators.  Parents and others are asked to leave the gym before the tryout begins.

The tryout begins with all the players being given numbered jerseys.  The numbers they are given match the numbers that they have been assigned on the evaluation sheets that are used by the evaluators during the tryout.

Once the jerseys are given out, the players are put through a series of drills, starting with full court dribbling as a warm up and including dribbling, layups, passing, shooting and other drills that the administrator chooses.  The intent is for the evaluators to begin to get an understanding of the basic skills of each player.

Typically after the drills, the players are grouped into teams for half court 3 on 3 games.  The evaluators will move from game to game, developing a deeper understanding of each players skill level, athletic ability, aggressiveness, understanding of basketball, potential and other factors used to choose players and form teams.

After the 3 on 3 games, the players are grouped into 5 person teams for 5 on 5 full court games.  Depending on the group, players may be switched from team to team to get match ups that the evaluators would like to see to determine the relative strengths of players against other players against whom they may be competing for spots.

During the 5 on 5 full court scrimmaging, both the main gym and back gyms are used, this is done to get more players playing and being on the main court or back court has no significance in which players are chosen for a team.

The first and second nights are similar, with fewer drills the second night and often more 5 on 5 full court scrimmaging the second night.  The administrator works with the evaluators to determine not only what drills and games are necessary to help form the teams but also which players should play against or with each other.

At the end of the second night, after the players leave the gym, the administrator and evaluators work together to form the teams.  End of season evaluations done by the coach from the prior season may be used if they are available as an aid in this process.  These evaluations are done at the end of each season by STBC coaches and are kept confidential.

Once the teams are formed, they are given to the Webmaster to post to the Simsbury Travel Basketball Club's website (stbcweb.com) on the following Friday at approximately 5:00pm.  The posting time may change at the discretion of the board if there are extenuating circumstances for a particular tryout.  Teams are made up of 10 players.