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CDC Concussion and Staph Infection training are required for STBC Coaches

CDC Concussion Training - CLICK HERE
CDC Information on Staph Infections for Athletes - CLICK HERE

Coaches - please CLICK HERE to read the STBC Head Coach Selection Process and Criteria

Simsbury Travel Basketball Club 2017-18 Coaching Clinic - CLICK HERE

Positive Coach E-mail to all STBC Coaches - January 2014 - CLICK HERE

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The Race to Nowhere - By Steve Nash - CLICK HERE

What Can You Do To Prevent Bullying In Youth Sports? - CLICK HERE
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Youth Basketball Coaching Association Coaching Course - CLICK HERE

Coaching Confidence in Young Athletes - CLICK HERE
30 Seconds with Jim Thompson - Positive Coaching Alliance - CLICK HERE

We're doing youth soccer wrong: Stop yelling instructions from the sidelines - CLICK HERE  (this is about soccer - but also applies to basketball)

Teaching Respect for umps, officials - CLICK HERE

Being "Well Coached" - Mike Neighbors - CLICK HERE 
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