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Every team should have a scorebook.  If you don’t please let me know.  You will need a volunteer to keep the book and run the clock for each home game.



A few reminders about games:


1. We are contracted to enter the building 15 minutes before the first game. Saturdays the school may be open, but players should not be entering the gym before 15 minutes before game time. Sundays the custodian might be opening the building for us. Please do not bang on the doors if the school is locked. The custodians have to follow a 'protocol' for opening up the building.


2. Please do not let players or others play with basketballs in the hallway. There are glass trophy cases in between the gyms.


3. Absolutely no one should be under the bleachers at any time. Please remind parents of this.


4. Make every effort to start the games on time, especially the first game. We typically play four games a day.  After the game, please meet with you team off the court, in the hallway, etc. so the next teams can get ready to play.  


5. If you are waiting to play, please be respectful of the teams that have just finished and wait for them to clear their stuff out of the bench area before you put yours there (or have players put their stuff in the corner and a coach can move it once the previous team clears out).  


6. Every Simsbury team should make sure their bench area is cleaned of any water bottles, gatorade bottles, etc.  Please inform players to clean up after themselves and make sure they do it.


7. No food should be brought into the gym. Please pick up trash, water bottles etc. left in the bleachers and remind your players and parents to do the same. Occasionally custodians leave a walkie talkie at the score table in case they are needed.